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We Finally took the layout to the big show up in Timoniun MD, and we really would like to do it again. I believe the consensus is that this was the best public show we have been to yet.
The layout was very large since space was not an issue as you will see in the photos. The configuration of the layout was Z shaped with a J shaped branch intersecting the mains at two locations. Joe Balint did a great job of designing the footprint of this layout. He was trying to make an impression on the public with the footprint design and we think it worked.

Rick Mattar photo

Here is the layout on Friday afternoon, as you can see the hall is quite large but only 1 of three used for the show. The public entrance to the hall is the large opening in the wall just to the right of the white truck, behind the layout. Also visable in the background just to the right, is the layout of The Four County Society of Model Engineers. Their layout is a real stunner, check out their website on the links page.

Rick Mattar photo

Rick stitched together three photos to make this image. It shows the layout from the same angle the public saw it (just higher) when they walked into the room. The J shaped branch can be seen on the right side. If my memory is correct the layout size was 100' x 56'. We had 85% of the layout up and ready in 1 hour, then we stoped for lunch and to wait for the remaining modules to arrive, then finished in another 30 minutes, there was only 10 of us.
    All that empty space behind the layout remained empty for the show, I think we need to fill that up with layout next time. <grin>

Rick Mattar photo

This is a real nice photo of Randy's entire steel mill complex. You can see the branch on the other side of the layout with Robert Carr working his modules.

Rick Mattar photo

I believe this is the only photo showing the module 'Ohio' in its entirety so I included it here. We had plenty of room inside the layout to move around, unlike the old days of cramming into a small show. In the back of the hall is a blue and white school bus. That is Joe's latest aquisition for moving modules, it brought about 65% of the layout 400 miles.

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