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Philidelphia GATS January 2003
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Philidelphia GATS January 2003
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These are photos taken by Rick Mattar. They show the overall size of the layout and the size of the crowd, there were a bunch of people at this show.

Rick Mattar photo

This photo was taken from a window overlooking the main room. The window was dirty and had a screen on it causing the poor quality photos.
Here we have the left leg of the layout which is the shape of a U.
 A set of switching branches one of which is HOn3, extend into the nave of the layout. The branchs connect to the layout on the right leg of the U.  Curtis Pope can be seen in the white shirt holding a throttle, and a guest at the show, Jeff Cohn can be seen at the far left near the curves.

Rick Mattar Photo

Here is the back and the right side of the layout. At the bottom of the photo you can see Joe Balint's newest modules, the big curve. only 1/3 of it has any scenery at this point but you can see just how big it is. The outside edge of the frames make a 16' radius curve, if you subtract 8" and 10" for the mainline track centers you get curves of 184" and 182" radius. Also in the photo you can see the track arrangement leading into Bill Swints B&O station.  In the top left of the photo is the branchline connection to the layout.
Visable in the photo are Curtis Pope (lower left), Robert Carr ( middle right) and Ken Anderson (upper left).

Rick Mattar Photo

This photo is another view of the switching branch taken on Sunday. Notice the modules are in a different configuration that in the previous photos (taken Saturday). Also the public no longer has access to the center of the U, it was just too crowded. The change was made Sunday morning before the show opened. Visible in this shot in red are Sheree Carr, Amelia Gugliotta and Jeff Cohn, plus a  young guest whose name is unknown. In the background also in red in Robert Carr and Ken Anderson.

Rick Mattar Photo

Here we have four layers of modules. The module closest to the viewer is 'Cook' with the coal loader on it and a train passing by on the mainline. The next layer back is Ken Anderson's HOn3 mini-modules with a green and yellow switcher with 2 cars. This makes an HOn3 branch off of the standard guage switching branch.
Third layer is the switching branch just mentioned. Visable are 'Frog City' with the truss bridge over the tracks and buildings, and 'Shirewood Forrest' with the abundance of trees (trick name huh..)
The last layer is 'Paulinskill Viaduct' which can only be seen by its blue backdrop, a tall green hill, and its creator Curtis, standing behind it.  

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