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A little about us...
A little about us...
Philidelphia GATS January 2003
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Greenberg show Charlotte 2004
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This is a photo of the layout at the 2003 Charlotte NC GATS. All of the modules from the Boone members can be seen. The only module from Raleigh that are present is Curtis Popes "Paulinskill Viaduct", which are visible from behind.( look for the large black frames ) This is one of the smallest layouts we have had in many years.

Ken Anderson photo


      As a club we ( the S&SS) do not take our selves to seriously, this also goes for us as individuals. The result is a group that gets along remarkably well without the fractionalizing often found in other clubs. We are a VERY like minded group of modelers, and because of this our membership is rather small and grows slowly. This is also the reason we don't need a formal political organization to run the group, we are non-organized.
We do have some rules that we play by at public shows, we try to keep the simple and the intent of these rules is to preserve the fun for the group.
All modules must be fully operational when they arrive at a show.
Operational means - Mainlines are tested and meet the NMRA gauge , the wiring is tested and fully installed, AND the module meets our template.
I'm sure you've seen it, someone shows up with a module that's not ready and the whole group has to wait around while this person finishes doing what should have been done BEFORE the show. WE DON"T DO THAT. If a person tries that his/her name is Mud and is permanently uninvited. And yes, it has happened once.
Now we do understand that things can break while being transported, and we accommodate for this.
The trains on the mainlines must keep moving unless a locomotive exchange in necessary.
Unfortunately we do not yet have a yard to stage whole trains and that's because it'll need to be 70'+. When we do get one we will be able to keep trains rolling all the time.
All equipment must meet the NMRA gauge, the Kadee coupler gauge, and NMRA weight.
We recommend 150% NMRA weight where possible. Because our trains are so long, extra weight in cars really helps to keep the wheels on the rails, something we have found through experience.
Associates ( non-members who are regular participants) help set up the layout or break down in order to play.
Not everyone who would like to play with modules can build or own one. And we don't like the idea of someone just showing up at a show and playing without doing any of the necessary work.
(We call that getting used). We believe that expecting some help from everyone is entirely reasonable.
- Mark Gugliotta


Membership in the S&SS of NC is quite simple, all that is necessary, is for a person to own a module which meets our standards and bring it to shows with us, or be a participating spouse/significant-other of a member. We also limit the number of members in the group.  This is intended to prevent the factionalizing found in many clubs.
The current membership is as follows;
  1. Ken Anderson
  2. Joe Balint
  3. Robert Carr
  4. Sheree Carr
  5. Randy Costanza
  6. Amelia Gugliotta
  7. Mark Gugliotta
  8. Rick Mattar
  9. Scott McClellen
  10. Curtis Pope
  11. Bill Swint
  12. Glen frix
  13. Thomas Hall

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