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Greenberg show Charlotte 2004
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In January of 2004 the members from the Boone area signed up for the Charlotte NC Greenberg train show. Ken was the Cruise Director for this show and to my understanding, designed the layout configuration. Joe and Rick of course brought their modules, however none of the members from the Raleigh area were able to participate with modules or even attend the show. Even with only three members bringing modules, this is still a large layout and a handsome one at that.This was a VERY interesting layout as you will see from Rick's photos. 


This is most of the layout, and yes, three guys assembled it in only an hour or two. Notice the two branches in the middle of the layout. One of them crosses the mains and connects to the secondary main at three locations. The other  is a dead end branch, but is all HOn3. 


Here is the remainder of the layout, you can see where the branch makes its third connection to the secondary main. The new module that makes this possible is visible as green plywood on the right side just past the limeworks silos. The module was built by Joe and is known as Toadboro. Joe likes to name his modules after foods like 'Peanut' or ' Macadamia' or Amphibian urban centers like 'Frog City' and 'Toadboro' and even streets he has lived on such as 'Turner', 'Umbria'. What if he used his current address and added 'boro'  for a module name?  Hmmm, Joe? <grin>


This is a neat shot of 'Frog City' and 'Carnagie Spur'. The track arrangement of 'Frog City' is particularly complex and ordinarily is difficult to see because of the surrounding structures, but here it is quite visable.


The modules at the bottom of the photo make up 'Elizabethton Yard'. The J shaped branch behind the yard is the HOn3 branch mentioned earlier. Ken Anderson is using "mini modules" 15 inches wide as a platform for modeling parts of the ET&WNC.

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